Finding vegan products or restaurants is very easy, but finding good ones was complicated.  So here’s what I call my VeganVille!

Trouver des produits ou restaurants vegan c’est assez simple, mais en trouver des bons c’est une autre histoire.  Alors voici ce que j’appelle ma VeganVille!

Eden grocery store – 3575 Avenue du Parc, Montreal, tel: 514-843-4443

This is my favourite store.  You can do your whole grocery there!  This is where I buy my Green Beaver toothpaste, mouthwash & deodorant (all natural & animal testing free products), they also have a large variety of my favourite vegan food brands like Tofurky (mostly sausages, tempeh, frozen pizzas & deli slices), Daiya (dairy free cheese & frozen pizzas).

Épicerie Segal – 4001 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal, tel: 514-845-4716

This is where you can find the best vegan and gluten-free products for half the price.

Rachelle Bery – 4810 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal, tel: 514-849-4118

Another healthy grocery store.

Marché Tau4238 Rue St-Denis, Montreal, tel: 514-843-4420 / 7373 Boulevard Langelier, St-Léonard, tel: 514-787-0077 / 6845 Boulevard Tachereau, Brossard, tel: 450-443-9922 / 3188 Boulevard St-Martin Ouest, Laval, tel: 450-978-5533

Organic and natural grocery store.

Folie en Vrac – 1307 Rue Mont Royal Est, Montreal, tel: 514-523-4622 / 1254 Rue Ste-Catherine Est, Montreal, tel: 514-526-3689

Natural and organic food.

Lush4067 Rue St-Denis, Montreal, tel: 514-849-5333

Fresh handmade and animal testing free cosmetics.

Propulsion1303 Rue Ste-Catherine Est, Montreal, tel: 514-664-1113

The one and only 100% vegan restaurant in the gay village.

Lola Rosa545 Rue Milton, Montreal, tel: 514-287-9337 / 4581 Avenue du Parc, Montreal, tel: 514-843-5652

A very cozy vegetarian and vegan-friendly café.

Aux Vivres4631 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal, Qc, tel: 514-842-3479

This is Montreal’s first vegan restaurant and my favourite!  As an addition to the dangerously good cuisine, they also have a juice bar and an express counter for takeouts!

Crudessence2157 Rue Mackay, Montreal, Qc, tel: 514-664-5188

Vegan, organic, gluten free & raw restaurant.


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